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Good ear & hearing health is important to people of all ages. It helps us get the most out of our daily lives. There are a number of ways our hearing can be affected: age, the build-up of wax, and misuse of cotton buds & in-ear headphones. If our ability to hear deteriorates it requires more energy to listen & participate in daily life so we become tired and, in some cases, socially withdrawn. Hearing loss is known to be the single largest modifiable risk factor for the prevention of dementia.

Signs to look out for:

There are a range of signs to watch out for which could indicate you have an ear or hearing problem. 

Loss of hearing, earache, discomfort, discharge, ears feeling full, ringing, itching, loss of balance, dizziness & coughing can all be signs that a change has occurred in

your ears & you should get them checked.

Ear Exam


Wax Inspection             £  5.00

Wax Removal (1 Ear)     £30.00 (+£5 inspection)

Wax Removal (2 Ears).  £40.00 (+£5 inspection)

Wax Removal: What We Provide
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